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A better “one-way” fastener.

Strip-Lok™ acts like a One-Way, but can be power driven for max torque before intentionally stripping to make the perfect non-removable security screw.

  • As Few As# 2,000 PIECES
  • As Soon Asupdate 2 weeks
  • Maximum Securitylock_outline controlled access

It Intentionally Strips Out,
Making it Forever Tamper-Proof

Tighten and torque it until it strips.
That’s when you know it’s installed correctly.

It Strips.
On Purpose.

Strip-Lok™ does just what the name says — using the driver bit, the keyway strips out at proper torque. When it strips, that’s it, the fastener is installed. No torque wrench is needed.


  • Super fast to install.
  • Can be power driven.
  • Bit doesn't jump out of screw.

Step 1. Torque until stripped.

Step 2. Nothing. That’s it. The simplicity is what makes Strip-Lok fastener installation so easy.

It’s faster to install than a rivet but much more secure. The Penta-based keyway uses our proprietary Penta-Plus driver bit to drive securely.

Military base fencing.

Perfect for someone who installs tamper proof screws for demanding customers in tough conditions. For example, the 1/4-20 screws are perfect for this type of need and they strip out perfectly at around 70 in-lbs. A typical power driver can do that all day.

Not Sold in Stores.

One-Way fasteners were first invented in the early 1900’s, they’re not only outdated, but a terrible fastener to install. What’s more, like most of our competitors fasteners, one needs to only go to a hardware store to buy a tool to remove them. Not so with Bryce flagship security products, including Strip-Lok™.

In fact, there are no videos on YouTube® showing how to remove them.

We do have a removal tool, but it’s only sold to verifed Strip-Lok™ customers.


Strip-Lok™ fasteners are not intended to be removed. To help prevent theft and reduce liability, consider using them for permanent installation circumstances.

Strengthen the security of safes, hinges, hasps, security gates, bolt locks, and public fixtures.

Also great for manufacturing to prevent reverse engineering, improve customer safety and prevent tampering.

Perfect for traffic control boxes, rest areas, security doors & screens, elevators, bollards, street signs, and solar panels.

Special ordered to your specification. Can be made in all standard and metric sizes from 2/56” - 3/8” and M3-M10.

Head Style Options

Button, Flat, and Socket head styles are available in all diameters we manufacture.

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Fastener security — for everything possible.

Bryce Security Fasteners can be made in virtually any fastener type, any size, any metal, any coating, and more. From galvanized metric bolts for harsh coastal outdoor environments to heat-treated, micro screws for data center security.


Whatever you’re working on, Bryce has you covered.

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