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Over the years, two things have stood true about security; it is never complete and it is never static. As one of the leading custom screw manufacturers in the U.S., Bryce provides design services for fasteners to meet just about any need. Customers rely on Bryce's professional screw manufacturing every day for custom designing and manufacturing of fasteners to meet their own unique objectives, size specifications, or to fit into some very unique positions. In response, Bryce Fastener has been successful in manufacturing a wide variety of custom products for just about every challenge they’ve faced.  They credit this success to their vast experience, tenacity, American ingenuity, high quality tools and materials, and of course, our broad range of designs for custom screws. So if you can’t find the types of screws that fit your needs, let our manufacturers at Bryce design custom screws for you.

The Heart of the Industry Battle

Just as history shows a battle between security and security breaches, the battle between criminal elements and delinquents, and those tasked with preventing theft and vandalism has been a persistent fight throughout time. At the heart of this battle, are screws. Security screws are your first line of defense. As the best high security screw manufacturers in the industry, our customized screws can protect you and your property in a variety of industries: from preventing the theft of bathroom fixtures to securing prisons bars, security screws and tamper-proof fasteners play a key role. The only question we need you to answer is how much security do you need?

The Benefits of Using Custom Fasteners

Standard Security Screws such as Hex-Pin® Torx® and Penta-Bolt™ driver designs are available at most hardware stores. These screws provide an economical way for retail stores, schools and other low-risk establishments to help prevent theft and damage to their premises from vandalism while maintaining ease of access and minimizing maintenance costs. The key factor here is that vandals are less likely to carry a set of drivers for these and they are slightly more difficult to remove with tools than more common screws, bolts, and fasteners.

High-Security Fasteners and screws are the perfect solution for securing lab materials and computer equipment to prevent theft and to limit access to control panels, equipment cases or other places where not everyone needs to be fiddling around or seeing what is inside.

Limited Access to the Drivers

Bryce Fastener screw manufacturers offers a wide range of proprietary designs for custom screws and fasteners to fit almost any application without sacrificing product quality. We produce these fasteners and custom screws designs exclusively and limit access to the drivers needed to remove them to our clients.

Elite Security Fasteners from our screw manufacturers, like Bryce's Key-Rex® line, offer the ultimate in custom screws and tamper proof structural fasteners. Every single driver design is completely unique to a specific customer and the custom screws are virtually impossible to remove without a properly keyed driver, even through brute strength. These custom screws are the perfect solution for high-risk environments such as penitentiaries and for project applications like securing manhole covers or products that frequently get stolen.

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To get the level of security you need for your project or situation, call Bryce's screw manufacturer for a quote on custom screws from our screw manufacturer at (480) 503-3801 or contact us today and see how we can help you.