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Security bit tips were once only sold commercially; they are now sold at retail. Patents on standard security screws have long lapsed. Inexpensive security bit kits with multiple sizes have seriously hampered the security of most security fasteners. At Bryce Fastener, we saw this threat coming 20 years ago and began re-engineering security screws. We pursued international security screw patents, established security policies and began manufacturing. The result is a uniquely keyed security screw with a matching key that is exclusive to each customer. We have done our due diligence to make sure our security screws, bolts and nuts will not become low security in the future. 


Look closely at our security fasteners and you will see complex, difficult-to-duplicate key shapes. With millions of variations, we privately license each customer its own unique security screw. Simply stated, these screws are difficult to make and difficult to break. That difficulty assures that your security bit will never be made illicitly. Presently, we have cold headermen who have been in the screw making industry for 40 years. Each will tell you that our product is ten times harder to make than a regular six-lobe pin security screw. This level of security has required us to reinvent how to manufacture security screws. Exclusivity could dictate that our fasteners be 10 times more expensive than any other security screw, but they aren’t. Bryce Fastener's products cost little more than a security screw sold through distribution channels. If the “cost of the loss” is also figured in, our fasteners are the least expensive security devices in the world. They supplant padlocks, car door locks, front door locks, bike locks, security cameras, bars, and safes. 


Customer delight is our ultimate goal. This first comes with a quality security screw that provides real security. Our 99.999998% effectiveness claim is based on thousands of customers, over ten years of tracking and 10 million fasteners in circulation. While we have had a few security breaches, those have been immediately addressed which allows us to claim that our screws are the most secure security fasteners you can buy.  It is an understatement to simply call our screws, bolts and nuts “tamperproof,” “tamper resistant” or “vandal proof”.  If you find they don’t secure as claimed, we will remake them until they do. This is our guarantee which provides you with complete security satisfaction.

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Bryce Fastener is the world leader in high security locking bolts and fasteners, security screws, tamper proof and tamper-resistant screws.

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