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Custom Manufactured Security Bolts, Screws & Nuts

Exclusive-to-you design that’s engineered for zero-theft.
100% made-to-order, right here in Gilbert, Arizona.

  • As Few As# 500 PCS
  • As Soon Asupdate 2 weeks
  • Maximum Securityfingerprint Bit Encryption

Engineered for Security in Every Way

Feature for feature, there is simply no other fastener that can beat the security offered by KEY-REX®.

Fingerprint Key Code™

Similar to your own unique fingerprint. Look carefully — the keyway shape is unique to each customer. Each drive is designed so only that customer can remove their perfectly matched fastener.

Low-Profile Head Deters Tampering

The obvious tactic to defeat a bolt or screw is to simply “grip it” and remove it. The sloped, low-profile Bryce button head shape repels tampering tools. Locking pliers simply can’t get a hold of the sidewall like other screws.

Meets all IFI specifications. Order with confidence.

20% More Torque with Raptor™ Claws

Right out of the box, every Bryce security fastener boasts higher torque capability than competitor fasteners. But it gets better. Add Raptor™ and achieve even more torque — 20% more! Specially designed Raptor™ “claw” serrations on the under side of the head cut and dig into the metal substructure surface, effectively creating a “lock”, resulting in more security and more confidence.


The most secure nut anywhere.

We created a security nut with many of the same innovative security features as the KEY-REX® Bolts and Screws. Engineered for zero-theft, every set of KEY-REX® Nuts are custom “keyed” for the client and only the client has the sockets to fit.

And in an application where bolt threads are exposed, combine KEY-REX® Bolt with KEY-REX® Nut for the highest level of security.

More about KEY-REX® Nut

Configure Your Perfect Fastener

Fastener security — for everything possible.

Bryce Security Fasteners can be made in virtually any fastener type, any size, any metal, any coating, and more. From galvanized metric bolts for harsh coastal outdoor environments to heat-treated, micro screws for data center security.


Whatever you’re working on, Bryce has you covered.

Tell us about your project and a Bryce fastener expert will recommend the perfect protection to fit your needs and budget.

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Customer Testimonial

It’s uniquely our own — only we have the key.

I never knew we could have security screws with a drive designed specifically for our company. Key-Rex saves us time, money, and headaches, no longer having to constantly replace stolen and damaged items. Thank you for helping me impress my boss!

Jim Haskins Product EngineerTransportation Manufacturer
Dearborn, Michigan

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