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Patented Elite-Security Level(Minimums Apply)

Key-Rex® is the most secure, tamper-proof screw and bolt on the market, with worldwide patents and exclusive-to-you drives. Not available in any stores.

The market has caught up to common tamper-proof screws. New shapes are continually arriving on the open marketplace only to be followed by easy-to-find drivers that match them. 

Our answer is the Key-Rex®. The essential difference is that each customer’s fasteners can only be used by them.

Unique to each customer

Every set of Key-Rex® screws and bolts are custom "keyed" for a specific customer. And only that customer has the bit to fit their custom set of screws.

This unique keyway shape is created using an encryption process that builds the profile shape out of millions of variables and defines a one-of-a-kind keyway design. Customers pay for a one-time key code tool and licensing agreement.

"Try to remove one without the driver bit. Then you'll know."- James Graw, National Laboratories, Providence R.I.


Key Code ID™

With over 53 billion key code variations you can be sure that no one will have a duplicate driver bit for your fasteners. Each Key-Rex® screw/driver bit is created from scratch with a unique irregular pattern. The keyway is geometrically crafted to repel all attempts to "grab on" to the keyway itself.

Want to make it even more secure? Incredible torque capability allows you to tighten the Key-Rex® fastener such that it simply can't be removed without the matching driver bit — the one only you have.  

To be precise, our patented keyway formula provides 55,553,299,200 variations. 

Let us know what you need and if Key-Rex® is an option for you.
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Options & Upgrades

Thread Type

Thread Type

Self-tapping, concrete, machine screws, set screws, and more.

With multiple threading machines we can run the most common machine screw threads to the most difficult acme and coil bolt threads.

Fastener Size

Fastener Size

From micro-screws to large bolts, our fasteners come in all sizes.

We have numerous cold heading machines which allow us to manufacture screws from large 5/8-11 down to micro mini 000-120 and all metric also.



20% Tougher to remove than lock washers.

Add the Raptor claw feature to the bottom head of the Key-Rex or Penta-Plus for unbelievable clamp loads and extreme security.

“Key-Rex™ isn’t for everyone.”

Key-Rex has been a very popular product, but it's not an off-the-shelf solution. That's why there is a minimum order required. The customized nature and keyway lends itself to extremely secure, high-value applications.

- Bryce Campbell
Bryce Fastener Founder

Stops Theft.

The applications are unlimited

  • Retail electronics
  • University electronics
  • Manufacturing
  • Public utilities
  • Prisons, jails, security facilities
  • Bank credit card, ATM
  • Gaming industry
  • Solar panels
  • House arrest electronics
  • Nuclear plants
  • Military
  • Museums
  • And many more

Available in a stainless or alloy steel in self-tapping, machine, metric, micro, and more.
Button head or flat head in a wide variety of sizes.

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