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Say Goodbye to Washers

Raptor™ Security Head


Washers of any kind should never be used with security screws

We recommend adding a Raptor™ head to our security drives for better torque and hold. Raptor™ button and flat security screws have oversized heads with specially designed serrations that grip.

Sizing for Raptor™ button head begins at 6/32(M3) to 5/8-11(M16) Raptor™ flat head begins at ¼-20 (M6) and goes to 5/8-11(M16).

Button Head

Raptor™ button heads replace the need for a washer and will grip 15-20% better than a standard security screw. These solve a security flaw most aren’t aware of found in regular button head security screws. Button heads, (being smaller in diameter) encourage the use of a washer to “spread the load.” Unfortunately, a washer raises the side wall of the head, allowing wrenches to grip. As a result, washers and lock washers should never be used with security screws. Raptor™ button head security screws solve this problem by both spreading the load and locking the fastener. The bigger Raptor™ head also allows the use of a bigger diameter driver for higher torque. These three advantages make the Raptor™ button head the best holding security screw on the market.

The button Raptor™ head works well on high tensile applications such as bridges. It’s also exceptional for hurricane protection, fencing, security bars, and metal buildings.

Flat Head

The Raptor™ flat head security screw garnered a patent because it has its own set of advantages. It too is bigger and spreads the load better than a regular flat head machine screw. The most outstanding security feature is how the serrations cut into the substrate. In some cases, the removal torque is doubled, making it almost impossible to remove. These security features facilitate new applications. For example, the flat Raptor™ head can replace “break-off” screws often used in prisons. It’s harder to remove, less expensive, and easier to install. They also work well in high tensile applications such as bridges.

Drive Types - Raptor™ Security Head

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