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stykfit7 tamper-proof screw

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The Perfect Blend of Productivity and Security

Quick indexing and innovative stick-fit features make for incredible performance. If you're looking to improve efficiency, this is it.

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  • High Performancetimer Fast Indexing

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The Highest Performing Fastener Ever Made.

STYKFIT®7 indexes faster than Phillips®, torques higher than Torx®, and sticks to the bit better than Robertson® (square drive).

Never Drop Another Screw.

No magnets. No sliding sleeves.

Our SmartGrip™ tapered design means the driver bit sticks to the driver and won’t fall off.

Low-Profile Head Deters Tampering

The obvious tactic to defeat a bolt or screw is to simply “grip it” and remove it. The sloped, low-profile Bryce button head shape repels tampering tools. Locking pliers simply can’t get a hold of the sidewall like other screws.

Meets all IFI specifications. Order with confidence.

20% More Torque with Raptor™ Claws

Right out of the box, every Bryce security fastener boasts higher torque capability than competitor fasteners. But it gets better. Add Raptor™ and achieve even more torque — 20% more! Specially designed Raptor™ “claw” serrations on the under side of the head cut and dig into the metal substructure surface, effectively creating a “lock”, resulting in more security and more confidence.


Bad guys don’t
use the front door.

Metal buildings using common fasteners are easy targets. It only takes removing a few screws to gain access to the interior.

Protect self-storage units and warehouse buildings where they are at most risk – from the outside. Building construction practices often overlook vulnerabilities from theft and tampering.

STYKFIT®7 is perfect for new construction or retrofit. It offers the security you need and the fast assembly required. STYKFIT®7 self-drilling screws drive straight and won’t fall off the driver.

Configure Your Perfect Fastener

Fastener security — for everything possible.

Key-Rex can be made for virtually any fastener type, any size, any metal, any coating, and more. From galvanized metric bolts for harsh coastal outdoor environments to heat-treated, micro screws for data center security.


Whatever you’re working on, Bryce has you covered.

Tell us about your project and a Bryce fastener expert will recommend the perfect protection to fit your needs and budget.

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