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Key-Rex® Wellhead Nut

Pipeline Anti-theft Protector Nut & Security Cap

  • As Few As# 5 PIECES
  • As Soon Asupdate 8 weeks
  • Maximum Securityfingerprint Bit Encryption

Certified & Custom

Certified for the Pipeline Industry.

Custom made to meet grade 2H nut specifications.

  • Nut Materials: 4130, 4140
  • Heat Treatment: Oil quench & Temper
  • Hardness: RC 50-60
  • Coating: BLUE: XYLAN 1070, 1024, FlouroKoke #1
  • ASTM B117 Salt Spray: 1,000-4,000 hour
  • Sizes: ½-13 up to 2¼-8

How it Works

Key-Rex Wellhead Nut | KeyRex Security Nuts

Security Features

2H Nut Retrofit – Seamlessly replaces standard 2H nut.

Incredible Torque – Same torque specs and holding power as Teflon coated 2H Nuts — up to 2,600 ft lbs.

Exclusive-to-You Keyway – Your Key-Rex® Wellhead Nut can only be installed & removed by your driver bit (read more below).

No Special Tools – Uses same 2H Nut wrench to install and remove. No need to buy separate installation tools.

Sea Spray Strong – Anticorrosive Teflon® coating withstands punishing salt spray, perfect for sea oil drilling stations.

Hardware Sealed Security Cap — The security cap completes this rugged assembly by sealing the nut inside and keeping debris out. The cap locks on tight and stays within specification at the top of the stud.

Sledge Hammer Tough – While tampering is unavoidable, Key-Rex® Wellhead Nut can be removed with its matching driver bit tool even after an attack on the fastener. This helps eliminate the need to repair entire Christmas tree assembly.

Redundant Security Cap Driver — Extra set of pins in case of over torquing. Pins can be knocked out and replaced in the field, if needed.

security nuts to keep your pipeline system safe from tampering

Designed for the Oil & Gas Industry

We designed the Key-Rex® Wellhead Nut with defense features other security nuts don’t have.

Dual Patented, Complex Design — Key-Rex® can’t be successfully duplicated on a lathe, mill or by using molding techniques.

The entire nut assembly is patented along with the keyway process. This means each licensed user is patent protected and receives their own patented Key-Rex® Wellhead Nut component.

Ease of Use — The Key-Rex® Wellhead Nut is installed/uninstalled using the same tool by any user on a Wellhead/Pipeline System. There are no requirements to purchase special tools to install or uninstall.

High Torque — The same high torque values as specified for standard pipeline/wellhead nuts. Since the torque tension is the same, there’s no drop-off in hold. The Key-Rex® Wellhead Nut can’t be removed without the exact matching tool. No other security nuts can boast these high torque values.

Avoid Catastrophic Failure — Testing shows the Key-Rex® Wellhead Nut is recoverable after an attack. Even if the keyway is damaged by a chisel, the nut can still be removed. This saves the Christmas Tree from being ruined, disassembled, or compromising the whole wellhead component.

Shroud Spins Freely

An inner recess allows shroud to spin around torqued nut.

Enigma Key-Coding

131 Billion Keyway Variations

The twists and tapers of the keyway can only be replicated by the same machine that created the original key-code.

Security Cap Seals the Deal

The extra hardness and holding power helps keep the inner protector nut clean from debris. The unique tri-pin keyway adds another layer of tamper protection.

Protector Cap Design

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