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Acme Thread Security Bolts

ACME Thread (Trapezoidal thread)

Threads up to 2”

Standard-Security and High-Security Options

Our machine shop currently carries Thread Rolling Dies to make General Purpose Acme security bolts, with threads up to 2” long. Acme security bolts and screws have diameters limited to 5/16, 3/8, and 1/2. These are for security applications needing a coarser thread to facilitate repeated opening and closing. They require a special Acme tapped hole to go into as well. They are usually made from hardened alloy steel, for repeated uses.

Tam 6-Lobe™ and Hex-Pin are our Standard-Security Drive options. Be aware, removal tools and bits are available to anyone. We only recommend using these drives for low value applications (value $100).

Key-Rex®, Penta-Plus™, and STYKFIT®7 are Bryce Fastener’s patented High-Security Drives. Removal tools and driver bits are made custom, exclusive-to-you or controlled by Bryce Fastener. We recommend these drives for high value applications such as, gas pump enclosures, military control boxes, and electrical pull boxes. 

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