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Concrete Anchors, Now Secure

Security Concrete Anchors

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Looking for a Security Concrete Anchor?

Bryce's High-Security Key-Rex® Nut and Penta-Nut™ act as security saviors when paired with concrete studs or sleeve anchors.

We recommend using Penta-Nut™ fasteners for easy, economical solutions when security is needed in concrete applications. Penta-Nut™ easily replaces the regular nut and washer used in these anchors. A Penta-Nut™ fastener diameter is the width of a washer and eliminates the need for it. They can also be used with studs that have been epoxied into the concrete. Aluminum or specialty railings and public art displays are two applications where replacing the standard nut with a Penta-Nut™ secures assets from theft or tampering.

Made from 316 Stainless Steel with $100.00 minimums.

We don’t stock sleeves or studs but can supply them if needed.

Key-Rex® Nut is recommended when you need Elite-Level security where the nuts and sockets have exclusive-to-you drives. Minimums vary from 2,500, 1,200 to 500 pieces depending on size.

Key-Rex® Nut

Key-Rex® nuts are the world's most secure, tamper-proof nuts on the market. Every set of Key-Rex® nuts are custom "keyed" for the client. Only the client has the sockets to fit their custom set which are designed to be nearly impossible to remove without the socket.

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Penta-Nut™ is the largest diameter security nut available, and with the added Raptor™ feature, no washers are needed. This High-Security 316 stainless steel nut turns any bolt into a lock.

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