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penta-plus theft-proof bolt fasteners
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Tamper-Proof Screws & Bolts (Second Only to the Key-Rex)

Penta-Plus is proprietary to Bryce Fastener and configured to keep Torx-Pin, Hex-Pin and other tamper-resistant bits out. Tamper-RESISTANT screws have bits sold on the open market. The higher security Penta-Plus is considered tamper-PROOF because all bits are controlled by Bryce, maintaining its integrity as a high-security fastener.

Without failure, the Penta-Plus has been proven tamper-proof and vandal-proof in the most extreme situations, including securing tablets and computers in open kiosks, protecting valuable property at universities and critical infrastructure city and government applications. Next to the Key-Rex, these are the most tamper-proof screws and bolts on the market. Adding the Raptor Claw option to the bottom of the Penta-Plus significantly increases the torque ability and gripping power of this screw over any other on the market with one exception — the Key-Rex.

Options & Upgrades

Thread Type

Thread Type

Self-tapping, concrete, machine screws, set screws, and more.

With multiple threading machines we can run the most common machine screw threads to the most difficult acme and coil bolt threads.

Fastener Size

Fastener Size

From micro-screws to large bolts, our fasteners come in all sizes.

We have numerous cold heading machines which allow us to manufacture screws from large 5/8-11 down to micro mini 000-120 and all metric also.



20% Tougher to remove than lock washers.

Add the Raptor claw feature to the bottom head of the Key-Rex or Penta-Plus for unbelievable clamp loads and extreme security.

Stops Theft.

The applications are unlimited

  • Retail electronics
  • University electronics
  • Manufacturing
  • Public utilities
  • Prisons, jails, security facilities
  • Bank credit card, ATM
  • Gaming industry
  • Solar panels
  • House arrest electronics
  • Nuclear plants
  • Military
  • Museums
  • And many more

Available in a stainless or alloy steel in self-tapping, machine, metric, micro, and more.
Button head or flat head in a wide variety of sizes.

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