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Recommended for low value applications Hex-Pin™ Hex Screws & Bolts

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Vandal proof and tamper resistant screws. The Hex-Pin™ is an age-old, tamper-resistant version of the hex screw or hex bolt, commonly used in jails and the retail industry for the past 60 years.

This fastener is useful at deterring opportunistic vandalism such as within bathroom stalls. Because bits are readily available at most hardware stores the Hex-Pin™ is not recommended for securing items of high value. But they are ideal solutions to keep everyday tampering and oppotunistic thieves away. So why aren't hex screws and hex bolts recommended to protect items of value? Stories abound of Hex-Pin™ bits sold in retail stores being used to compromise something of value in the same store. Obviously, it's not a good idea to sell the bits to the screws you are using to protect your valuables.

So, if you are looking for the ideal fastener to protect items from everyday vandalism or oppotunistic criminals, this is your fastener. Generally speaking, non-target items such as public bathroom fixtures, stalls, park benches, signs, railings, etc., are typically ideal items to use this fastener on. People don't typically carry around a specialty bit like this, so it's great at preventing tampering. Removing these screws and bolts typically can't be done with any of the items available on common multi-purpose tools people carry around such as Swiss Army® knives and Leatherman® style pocket tools. However, if somebody really wanted to steal, say, a park bench or bathroom stall that is secured with these fasteners, it is conceivably possible.

When looking for screws or bolts to deter vandals and tampering hands and will fit within most budgets, this is the fastener for you.

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