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Tam 6-Lobe

Recommended for low value applications

Stops Vandals

Tam 6-Lobe™ is the Bryce version of the TORX® Pin vandal resistant and tamper resistant screw. We offer it in sizes 2/56 (M2) - 5/8-11 (M16) as well as odd or custom lenghts and diameters. 

The TORX® Pin is an age-old, tamper-resistant screw similar to the Hex-Pin™ but supports a slightly higher torque value making it preferred over the Hex-Pin™ for many applications. We only recommend Tam 6-Lobe™ for low value applications because Tam 6-Lobe™ (TORX® Pin) screws are easy to defeat. Not only are the matching bit tips available everywhere, but the center pin can be easily broken creating space for screw drivers to remove a Tam 6-Lobe™ from it's application.

If you're an installer or distributor of TORX® fasteners, Bryce Security Fastener now offers a new and improved TORX® called STYKFIT®7. STYKFIT®7 has seven lobes instead of 6 with higher torque values and better driving ability than TORX® Pin. Contact us for samples. 


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