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Better than TORX®

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Patented Standard-Security Level

STYKFIT®6 is the new and improved TORX®. 

TORX® and the Bryce STYKFIT®6 are interchangeable. STYKFIT®6 bits stick-fit into most other six-lobe fasteners. (Depending on their tolerances).

Pairing a STYKFIT®6 driver bit with a STYKFIT®6 screw will stick-fit, hold straight, and not strip out. Installation becomes quick and easy. 

Differences Between STYKFIT®6 and TORX®:


  • Twist-tapered walls push energy forward
  • Bits grip at 360° with interference fit
  • Torque is higher
  • One handed installation permits use with robots
  • Tight bit-grip on screw helps align assembly pieces
  • Bit breakage 70% less from 360° grip
  • 1 specification needed for torque
  • STYKFIT®6 bits “stick-fit” into TORX®


  • Vertical sidewalls are neutral
  • Undersized bits have localized contact and wobbly fit
  • Torque is less
  • Two handed manual installation required
  • Loose bit-fit makes alignment difficult
  • Bit breakage is increased from localized contact
  • Multiple punch depth specifications needed for torque
  • TORX® bits fit better in STYKFIT®6 than TORX®

STYKFIT®6 Screw Head and Bit Tip

TORX® and Bryce Fastener’s STYKFIT®6 are Interchangeable. Pairing STYKFIT®6 driver bit with STYKFIT®6 screw will give the best stick-fit, hold straight, and not strip out.

The “twist tapered” bit stick-fits into STYKFIT®6 screws and all other six-lobe fasteners!

STYKFIT®6 Security Screw and Bit.

STYKFIT®6 can be made into a security screw and bit. Though it does not add any extra security, it can be substituted for a Tam 6-Lobe and deliver the benefits above.

Other Benefits

  1. Because the area of intersection between bit and screw is maximized, punch depths and head heights are lowered (saving weight).
  2. Head heights on socket screws is reduced by almost 1/2.
  3. Platings, coatings, heat treatments, and wear that affect screw dimensions, can be easily compensated for by slight adjustments in bit-tip lengths.
  4. Available in all sizes now used with TORX®

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