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Illegal Dumping Of Hazardous Chemicals Calls For Key-Rex®

Jun 25, 2014

Illegal Dumping Of Hazardous Chemicals Calls For Key-Rex® In South Carolina, Spartanburg County’s sewer district is now requiring all in ground, outside grease traps be secured against unauthorized access. Illegal dumping of hazardous chemicals led to the discovery of PCBs (Polychlorinated Biphenyls) in three Upstate sewer systems. The outside, in ground grease traps used by restaurants were not secured and could easily be accessed by anyone for unauthorized… Read more »

Keeping Our Solar Customers Happy

Jun 03, 2014

Keeping Our Solar Customers Happy “Fasteners are great! 12 panels up, 15 to go.” Picture and comment by customer, Tony Tugwell, 5/15/2014 Solar panels are one of the best uses for Bryce Keyed-Lok security fasteners. Ground mounted solar panels are especially susceptible to theft because of their location. In this case, our fasteners are the only thing securing this investment. You might think those few fasteners would not be… Read more »

Where To Buy Nuts And Bolts For LED Light Bars And Light Pods

May 22, 2014

Where To Buy Nuts And Bolts For LED Light Bars And Light Pods Innovative Creations Inc. is our new sole distributor for all driving and off road lighting. They are calling their product Light Locks. Light Locks are Bryce Fastener's nuts and bolts, they are compatible with the mounting post threads on all major brand name lights: Vision X, Rigid Industries, KC, PIAA, Hella, Anzo, and Paramount. To learn more about Light Locks click here. Watch how Light Locks… Read more »

Out In The Shop

May 08, 2014

Out In The Shop Often our tooling requires grinding to tolerances in the millionths. Ruben has been with us for over 10 years and is an expert at precisely ground tooling. He’s the guy who figured out the tooling for our 0-80 keyed lock miniature security screws. Standard security screws don’t go that small, much less keyed lock ones. We figured out another solution along with this; how to keep these little screws… Read more »

Big John Working On A Small Keyed-Lok

May 01, 2014

Big John Working On A Small Keyed-Lok “Big John” (maybe you can figure how he got that name) is working on a small size screw with a big Keyed-lok® drive. We have some customers who need one keyway to fit a wide diameter range of fasteners. In this case, John fit a #12 drive onto an M3 (small diameter) screw. Notice the big keyway fashioned out of solid stainless steel; and without cracks. This is a serious accomplishment as stainless… Read more »

Smoking Hot

Apr 17, 2014

Smoking Hot (I know you're thinking the guy, but it's the fastener) Few know what cold heading is. It begins with cold wire. This is headed (head put on), and then threaded (called roll threading). Going into the machines it may be cold, but coming out it is smoking hot. At 500 degrees, it can fill the shop with smoke. Headerman know where to hold, and have built up a tolerance for the heat. They always think… Read more »

Micro Mini Security Screws with Stick-Fit Control

Apr 10, 2014

Micro Mini Security Screws with Stick-Fit Control Bryce fastener employs one of the premier micro, miniature, and small security screw experts in the country. Paul has been making micro screws for over thirty years. Here he is working on a 0-80 Keyed-Lok® security screw with an added stick-fit feature.  We have five different headers tooled for sizes: 0-80, 1-64, 1-72, 2-56, 2-64, 3-48, 3-56, 4-40, 4-48, 5-40, 5-44, and, Metric sizes: M1.4, M1.6,… Read more »

Oversized Heads And Unique Lengths

Apr 03, 2014

Oversized Heads And Unique Lengths It's good to have someone on your staff with experience (proved by his gray hair). Our machinist, Pete, makes difficult parts perfectly to the customer’s unique specifications. He attached our oversized Raptor™ head to a short body, making it an M6x4mm oversized button head machine screw. Why would a customer want this? It’s for securing thin TV’s in a Hotel chain and there was no depth to… Read more »

Good Innovation Doesn't Come Easy

Mar 25, 2014

Good Innovation Doesn't Come Easy Our customers often come to us with a request. Usually it’s to make a fastener different, better, or cheaper. We try to oblige, even if it costs us. Unfortunately, granting our customers’ requests never goes smoothly. We talk about it, look on the internet, and ask those who think they know. Often, the advice we get sounds easy, so we try it. It turns out to be sort of like golfing when your swing… Read more »

Restoring A Lost Trade

Mar 12, 2014

Restoring A Lost Trade Jesse Medrano (Machine Shop Director/expert Cold Headerman) and I (Bryce Campbell, Owner & CEO) visited Chicago two weeks ago and stayed in a Bed and Breakfast called, The Jesse Stone House…fitting for Jesse. Jesse Stone was the original owner who made his fortune by inventing a way to turn biscuits into saltine crackers in the 1800’s. Every room has been restored back to its original Victorian… Read more »

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