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Getting Better Bit by Bit

Mar 16, 2016

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Over the past few months we’ve been working hard to make our security screw bits ultra strong. They’ve gotten stronger based on some new heat treating methods we developed. We test all of our security bits by torqueing them until they break. Our recent testing shows their strength increased by 25%.  

As a result of these improvements, we’re offering you a new guarantee. Our security bits should torque 1,000 fasteners or Bryce Fastener replaces them for free. In the past, we had a particular customer who required replacement of many bits. The problem ended up being traced back to one installer who was rougher than the other installers. A heavy hand can break a security bit and if you find they’re breaking too early, try asking your installers to lighten their grip. 

All of our tamperproof screws and security bits are different than the standard types of fasteners (Torx® Pin, Hex Pin, One-Way, Snake-Eyes®, etc.) Our metal is different, our center pins are larger, our tolerances are tighter, and our security is better. Our goal is to continually improve and for you to get your money's worth. 

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