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Why Choose Bryce Fastener's vs. Other Security Screws? Part 1

Jan 08, 2016

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Security bit tip kits sold retail have ruined the security of nearly every tamperproof, tamper-resistant, vandal-resistant security screw on the market. Over 10 million security bit tips are in circulation, making their way inexpensively into the hands of anyone who wants them. There are hundreds of more specialty removal tools available, such as vice grips, easy outs and channel locks. As a result, tamperproof screws can no longer be legally called tamperproof or tamper-resistant.

Bryce Fastener began investing in new security technologies, patents and manufacturing techniques 20 years ago to develop different security fasteners that could repair the name of tamperproof screws. They did so by turning security screws into locks with controlled keys.

Here is a comparison of our keyed lock security screws versus every other tamperproof, tamper-resistant, vandal-proof security screws advertised on the web.

                                       OURS                                                   OTHERS

Effectiveness:                 99.999998%                      vs.             10%

Bit tips:                           Bryce controls keys           vs.            ~10,000,000 bits in circulation; sold retail

Patents:                          International                      vs.            “0”


Our effectiveness was measured over 10 years, 1,000’s of customers and 5 million security fasteners in circulation.

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