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Offender Management Solutions

Apr 12, 2016

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Bryce Fastener Inc. helps in the management of offenders through supplying security screws for GPS tracking devices (leg bands) and alcohol monitoring systems. These technologies play an important role for parole, probation, house arrest programs, and the 24/7 Sobriety Law. We’ve supplied our anti-theft screws for a number of years for both GPS offender tracking devices and alcohol monitoring devices.

I, (Bryce) consider these applications one of Bryce Fastener’s  most extreme and challenging. It’s imperative to society our high security screws perform perfectly. Detractors to our screws will often say, “Given enough time you can get anything out,” or, “Security screws only keep the honest people honest.” I think the fact that we’ve NEVER had a security breach on any tracking device or ignition interlock device disproves both claims resoundingly.     

Of course, this only applies to our security fasteners (Key-Rex, Penta-Plus). I would not have the same confidence in Torx-pin and Hex-pin. In those cases, the detractors would likely be right because Torx-pin and Hex-pin are among the many types of tamper-proof bit tips available at any hardware store.

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