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French Connection

Nov 17, 2015

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America has witnessed 911 atrocities and is connected in heart to what the French have just experienced. This is not really the kind of connection one wants; it stresses the insecurity of the World. This recent atrocity in Paris made me (Bryce) take time to view some of our French connections. We have one in particular from which we’ve received multiple orders over the last five years. You can find an article about it here.

If you read French, you will see their REXLOK fastener is really our very own Key-Rex® security screw. It’s used to secure art. The multiple orders we’ve received from them is a testimony to how well our fastener works for securing assets. Art is actually one of Bryce Fastener's many vertical markets. Pairing wall mounting hardware with a Key-Rex® fastener works really well at protecting valuable wall art. Part of this customer’s reputation is hanging on how secure Key-Rex® really is. Had even one breach occurred, they would have stopped ordering from us.

I appreciate our French business connections. While I wish our Key-Rex® could’ve protected France’s human assets on November 13th, I'm grateful they help secure some of their other valuables.

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