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A New Anti-Theft Device For Solar Panels Will Be Showcased At The 2012 PV America West Solar Show

Feb 29, 2012

Theft of solar panels is just one of the many challenges the solar industry continues to face. Relatively easy to steal, panels are sitting on roofs or at ground level, and are often not secured by any anti-theft solution. A new anti-theft product is available and made to meet the challenges of securing solar panels effectively without adding high extra costs to an already expensive venture. Patent… Read more »

Copper Theft Protection - It's Easier Than You Think!

Feb 21, 2012

Copper Theft Protection - It's Easier Than You Think! City and state governments across the country are suffering huge losses to copper wire thieves. Copper prices are reaching all time highs and, with the suffering economy, copper theft is exploding. Most of the losses occur at the in-ground junction pull boxes and the light poles that they feed. Unfortunately, new laws to clamp down on recyclers have had very little effect on the overall problem. There… Read more »

Solar Panel Theft Protection- It's Easier Than You Think!

Feb 10, 2012

Solar Panel Theft Protection Solar panel theft, especially in remote commercial and residential applications, is becoming a major concern. Relatively easy to steal, panels are sitting on roofs or at ground level, and are often not secured by any anti-theft solution. While there are many options available, it's important for the solar industry to think about the cost/benefit ratio and choose an option… Read more »

Tamperproof Screws Are History... The Age Of High Security Screws Has Begun

Jan 31, 2012

Tamperproof Screws Are History... The Age Of High Security Screws Has Begun The tamperproof fastener industry has a very long history and continues to evolve. The industry actually dates back to the early 1900s when the one-way screw was first patented in Italy. These early tamperproof screws are commonly seen in public restroom fixtures even today. The drilled spanner was the next step in the evolution of tamperproof screws. Way back when and even today…drilled spanners… Read more »

Choose A Security Fastener So That You're The Only One With The Key

Jan 11, 2012

Choose A Security Fastener So That You're The Only One With The Key The tamperproof screw industry is rapidly changing and products that were considered to be very secure just a few years ago are woefully less secure today. Although most tamperproof screw suppliers offer a wide variety of drive styles such as hex-pins, torx-pins and snake eyes, because of the mass production and distribution of driver bits offshore, these drive styles offer little, if any, security.… Read more »

Card Reader Tampering Becoming Big Security Concern

Dec 13, 2011

Credit card readers have become the targets of very sophisticated criminals. We continue to see more and more stories about this serious problem. Stories like this one by Tracy Kitten, seen in If Bryce Fasteners were used to secure the card reader stand or in the backs of the card readers themselves, this problem would stop virtually immediately. Fraud Scheme Hits Grocer… Read more »

Aluminum Can Recycling Bin Security?

Nov 08, 2011

Aluminum Can Recycling Bin Security? When it comes to securing your valuables... Bryce Fastener is unmatched when it comes to simple fixes. We normally won’t do a small little order like this but Doug took it upon himself to help this guy out. His aluminum can recycling bin needed a fastener to secure this bar in place. The hex bolt pictured here was to easy to remove. A high security screw from Bryce can replace this bolt and very… Read more »

The Red Gold Rush Continues

Oct 06, 2011

The Red Gold Rush Continues A disturbing article was published in the Arizona Republic last week about the alarming costs to taxpayers copper theft is causing. Bryce Fastener Inc has a part in providing the City of Mesa one piece of the large puzzle involved in solving this problem. At times we have beaten our heads against the wall when what we thought was a good solution became defeated. I don’t think anyone was prepared… Read more »

Bryce Fastener Inc. Is Still GROWING After 40 Years.

Sep 23, 2011

With one glance, Bryce Fastener screws are often dismissed as just another tamperproof fastener, but the evidence is clear that these High Security Fasteners perform as advertised. Bryce Fastener Inc. is about to embark in their 40th year in the fastener industry. Amidst a failing economy and a trade that's been long lost to foreign shores for decades, Bryce Campbell, founder and owner reported steady… Read more »

We Now Offer "Seal Screws" With Our Complete Line Of Fasteners!

Sep 22, 2011

We Now Offer "Making anti-theft fasteners requires special expertise, which can also be for seal screws. Our fast turnaround adds another perk for our customers." says Bryce Campbell, President. O-Rings are available for Key-Rex™ , Penta-Plus™, and our newest fastener Raptor™ in standard and metric sizes. Small or large quantities acceptable. Read more »

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