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City Of Tucson Credits Bryce with Ending Copper Thefts

Feb 05, 2014

City Of Tucson Credits Bryce with Ending Copper Thefts Reprinted with permission from IMSA from the January / February, 2014 IMSA Journal. By Richard Rizzoli Figure 1: Background: Remote arterial roadway with light poles in Tucson. Inset: Thieves target light pole pull boxes. We experienced the first copper theft from the light poles on Tucson streets in 2006. Since then, copper theft has escalated throughout the city. A City of Tucson Police Department… Read more »

5 New Products In 2014

Jan 16, 2014

5 New Products In 2014 We’re on the verge of releasing five new products and need more manufacturing space. Last week, we rented an extra bay, performed some tenant reconstruction, and added 150 feet of new shelving (I’m still spinning from that whirlwind). Here’s a quick preview of our new products: Micro Security Screws- Made in diameters small enough for cell phones and glasses. 0-80, 00-90, M1.0, M1.5, M1.6,… Read more »

New Security Concrete Screws

Jan 09, 2014

The Bryce Fastener quest to be the best…. Concrete screws, the kind that tap into brick, block, and concrete, are hard to make. The American manufacturer who first created this product (brand name Tapcon®), did so using their own trade secrets. We were uncertain when asked to make a concrete screw using our proprietary Key-Rex drive. I’m happy to report, we did it (learning a few secrets of our… Read more »

Winter Wonderland Pictures...And A Rest Stop?

Dec 17, 2013

Winter Wonderland Pictures...And A Rest Stop? Recently, I drove to Canda with my family for a ski trip. On the way there, I found our fasteners inside this inauspicious looking rest stop. They serve as the protection for a product made by Toto Industries. Toto is an Asian-Pacific company who manufactures overseas, but buys screws made here in the states (yea!). Toto had approached us five years ago before their product launched. The particular… Read more »

Who's To Blame?

Dec 10, 2013

I was watching a football game and the camera viewed the benched defense after an easy score by the other team. The coach was angry with blame, and the players despondent. Was he pointing the finger in the right direction? A Boeing manager with expertise in process improvement, once told me, “Lack of performance usually lies 5 layers down. It is rarely the employee." I have taken this to heart… Read more »

Mission Statements: Don't You Hate Them?

Dec 03, 2013

Most “Mission statements” are more “BS” than reality. For example, our health insurance company states their mission is low cost insurance. Based on their ever rising rates, that is “BS”. We wanted something better for our company. We know the “charge” you (our customer) have given us: to deliver you from being robbed (or robbed again). We took that as our focal point, and tried to… Read more »

Loss Prevention Proving To Reduce Shrink

Nov 22, 2013

Loss Prevention Proving To Reduce Shrink Shrink costs retailers about 112 billion dollars per year, but according to a recent study, those who’ve proactively invested in loss prevention methods are reducing their total shrink! Our Zero Theft Fasteners proudly serve as a loss prevention method in the electronic sector of retail. They secure high value electronics, satellite navigation/GPS and mobile device accessories, which are among the… Read more »

How To Stop Electronic Control Module (ECM) Theft?

Aug 27, 2013

Glad you asked. Police in Ripon, WI recently arrested two suspects accused of stealing $11K in truck parts including ECMs from a local Ripon truck & trailer dealer (see the news story). ECM thefts often take place on parked big rigs. The truck owner suffers the costly loss of the ECM, but also has no core to exchange. Additional repair costs associated with an ECM theft include multiple wiring harnesses,… Read more »

Copper Theft Shuts Down AZ MVD

Aug 13, 2013

Recently Arizona Motor Vehicle Division workers arrived at work to find they had no power to their computer systems and air conditioning. Seems earlier that morning, copper thieves had broken into outdoor power and control panels and cut electrical piping.The crooks removed thousands of dollars worth of copper wiring shutting down the MVD for the whole day. Bryce Fastener has the means to stop copper… Read more »

Zero Theft Fasteners Stop Solar Thieves

Jul 22, 2013

Bryce Fastener recently attended the Intersolar Expo in San Francisco, California. We spent 3 days demonstrating our "Zero Theft" security fasteners to a multitude of Solar companies. Solar panel theft is a very large problem in the United States and even overseas. Bryce Fastener stops thieves in their tracks. Why? Because we assign a unique custom key code to each individual customer. Start today… Read more »

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