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Can't Even Sign Our Name Normal

Oct 22, 2015

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We’ve become so accustomed to “thinking outside the box”, that it’s spilled over into making our own signs. Normally, one would pay professionals. We made them ourselves. They turned out to be easy, inexpensive and (I think) professional. Below, I’ve (Bryce) included the recipes. In the meantime, take a look. Our talented, Mark Leddy is responsible.

Bryce sign at Indoor entrance

Recipe for the outside sign:

We drew up the sign in a cad program and sent it to Mr. Steel. They cut the letters out of skid-plate steel with their laser (there are lots of companies that do similar things in your local). Mark painted the steel black. He then cut out a piece of sheet metal for the background and painted it red. He drilled the black skid plate over the red sheet metal using our Penta Nuts®. It compares favorably with a neighboring sign costing $6,000.00. We paid $600.

Recipe for  the floor sign in our entrance way:

We bought some industrial linoleum “stick down” tiles. Mark dremeled out the letters using our logo as a stencil. Cutting through the linoleum was about the same as cutting through wood. He painted the concrete on the ground red and then laid the cut tiles over the red floor. Clear epoxy was used to fill in the gap between the red letters and the linoleum creating a nice, smooth surface. It looks really good and was cheaper than the $500.00 we were quoted for ceramic tile. We did it for $50.00.

Let me put in a special thanks to MR Steel. They did some creative thinking and made sure the lettering was correct. MR Steel is one of our customers who makes pull box lids that prevent copper theft. (I must mention two of our other customers who do the same: Oldcastle Precast and Jensen Precast. All make effective copper theft products.) MR Steel happens to be located in Phoenix and they were gracious enough to cut our letters inexpensively.

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