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Why Does the Fastener Invariably Fall... When You're at the Top of a Ladder?

Oct 09, 2015

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Has this ever happened to you? It has to me (Bryce). It was a “top of the ladder” experience that made me want to develop the REVX® line of fasteners. I wanted to create a fastener that would stick to the screw driver and help position the “honey do” item just right.  You know, “a little higher... and to the left.”

The solution to me was to make a connection between the screw and screw driver so strong, it would not only hold the screw, but actually carry a “picture or curtain rod” to the perfect spot. While this is not an earth shattering quest for most, it was for me. This simple idea has taken 5 years to perfect. Our tamperproof version, STYKFIT 6® is finally perfected and ready for the market. Our standard Torx version is in its final stages and will be released next year (2016). I’m pretty excited about them. Let’s see how long they take to become mainstream screws…? Someday, a person on a ladder will thank me and that will make all the challenges in creating REVX® worthwhile.

REVX fastener holding five pound bucket up a ladder fastener stick fit control allows installer to hold 5 pound bucket up a ladder

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