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Do You Need a 10,000 Hour Expert?

Jun 29, 2015

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It’s of some debate whether or not 10,000 hours of study will make you an expert. In my profession, I know two people who would qualify as 10,000 hour experts. Both are electricians, and their grizzled hands lay proof of their expertise. We are lucky to know them. They are leftovers from the day when America made everything and someone had to know how to fix the machines. There are no diplomas on their walls. Their validation is written in the answers they give. Since I deal in machinery from that era, I’ve needed them greatly to keep our old American machines turning. Both are named John and I’d like to say, “thank you” John for learning the old fashioned way, for your zeal, and your dependability.

I would put myself in the expert category when it comes to fasteners and their applications. I’ve been selling fasteners for 43 years, plus I design and manufacture them. I've installed a few 100,000 screws myself too. I have watched and learned over the years and I truly care about what is the best fastener for you. It has to be one that fits your business model. As a result, we are starting a security fastener forum called AskBryce. It can be found on the right hand column in our website. If you have questions, I will try to answer from my 10,000+ hours of experience, and not just a diploma. I promise to point you in the right direction as not all answers point to my company. Email me your fastener and/or application questions and I will save you some grizzled hours.

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