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Jun 22, 2015

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From time to time I (Bryce) come across articles like the one below about how solar panel thieves are stealing solar panels despite them being secured with so called “theft-proof” screws. One of our vertical markets is Solar Panels. The fasteners Bryce Fastener Inc. has specifically designed theft proof solar panel hardware that is different from the “theft-proof” fasteners mentioned in any article. To date, we have a perfect track record at preventing thefts of solar panels. There are thousands of solar panels secured with our Key-Rex®- Raptor™ head security screws and not one has ever been compromised. They’re a simple solar panel security solution that can be done during installation. Call or email us for more information and samples.

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Growing Black Market for Solar Panels

“In Europe, Germany seems to be the main target right now, where stolen solar panels can quickly be sold to people in nearby Eastern European countries, where new feed-in laws are creating strong demand, reports Bloomberg. Spain and Italy had the same problem until they tightened security. 

Large solar plants are the main targets according to police. Thieves have raided solar parks in Germany 14 times this year, taking tons of solar panels, says Bloomberg. They were tied down with "thief-proof" screws but that didn't stop them. They also steal inverters”….Read More

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