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Dip Spin Coating is the Standard for Bryce Fastener's Security Screws

Aug 11, 2015

Thirty years ago when our company was headquartered in Seattle, WA, I (Bryce), would send wood screws to East Side Plating in Portland, OR to have them coated with a mechanical galvanized coating. I sold these coated wood screws to my boating customers. I knew the coating would provide them the right anti-corrosive covering needed to protect the screws from water and salt. Eastside Plating soon adopted this coating as national standard in the deck screw industry because of how well mechanical galvanizing worked.

The coating and plating industry has improved over the last 30 years and presently the Dip Spin coating technique for fasteners is the right way to go. Dip Spin coating allows fasteners to be both good looking and 5-20 times more corrosion resistant than zinc and cadmium plating. It also eliminates the threat of hydrogen embrittlement found in high tensile fasteners. After experiencing poor quality issues with black oxide and black zinc, Bryce Fastener has adopted the Dip Spin coating technique for all of our security fasteners that require corrosion protection or color. We also do it in house. Our specially designed paint booth is just about finished in the new warehouse. We’ve automated the process and are slowly switching all of our customers over who buy black fasteners to this type of coating.

We call our Dip Spin Coating process BryKote™

As plating technology improves, offering Dip Spin coating is the right thing to do. It improves the quality of your security screws. After all, that’s what’s most important.

paint booth  oven

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