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Don't Fence Me In

Aug 18, 2015

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Fencing is one of the main applications for Bryce Fastener’s Penta-Nut®. Penta-Nut® has important installation advantages over other brands when it comes to fencing. It’s more anticorrosive (316 stainless steel), stronger (torques higher), bigger (holds more) and can be readjusted. Having the ability to be easily readjusted is more important than an installer might think.

Importance of Readjustment in Fencing Applications

Fences need adjusting to keep them level because the ground never is. Here’s a picture of a new security nut on the left next to ours. On the onset, it looks pretty clever. However, it can only be tightened and not untightened. Installers complained to us that installation with the nut on the left was near impossible. They had to finger tighten the whole fence line, make level adjustments and tighten every security nut again. If one nut gets tightened prematurely, the whole fence line can get thrown out of adjustment. Fencing installers will save themselves a lot of time by choosing a security nut that can be readjusted.

Below, are pictures of a fence line that specified our security Penta- Nut®. Notice how level and professional the fence line looks. Our customer thanked us, saying, “they worked great.” For your next job, don’t get “fenced in” to a security nut that’s a nightmare to install, even though it looks clever. Penta-Nut® will save you money, especially in a long run.

Penta- Nut&reg security fastener

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