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The Good, Bad and Ugly

Oct 30, 2015

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Last week we attended the National Industrial Fastener & Mill Supply Expo in Las Vegas.


Here's the breakdown:


We had a great time demonstrating our T-REVX® drill point fasteners against a TORX® pin Tek point. This meant drilling our security drill point fasteners into sheet metal side by side with a security TORX® Tek point. The difference was “laughable”. Our self drill T-REVX® went straight in because of our tight tolerance. Below is the picture. 

The BAD:

You will notice some “rabbit trails” where the TORX® Tek point wandered all over the place. This is inherent in six lobe fasteners because of the loose tolerance specifications between security bit and security screw.  Frankly, we could not get the TORX® Tek to drill straight without a pilot hole.  


This demonstration raised the eyebrows of a large supplier to the hollow metal door industry. Hollow metal doors and window frames require security drill point screws for prisons, schools, and security applications. TORX® pin has been the only option until now…but what a nightmare it creates for the installer. This supplier could see the advantages and told us he wanted to change his whole product line to ours on the spot.

The BAD:

A metal building supplier has a theft problem because TORX® pin security screws do not supply the security needed.


T-REVX® self-drill screws do supply the security needed, drill straighter, and now can be coated with colors.

The BAD:

A structural steel supplier cannot prevent someone from removing structural nuts. That's kind of scary, huh?


Our Penta Nut® solves the problem. Plus, it is high strength and available in sizes beyond ½” nuts.


There were more people demonstrating at the show from Asia than from the USA. The UGLY fact for American manufacturers is that Taiwan and China's capacity to make fasteners is off the chart. Their machine capabilities and low prices are impressive. It's getting harder for American manufacturers to compete.


I didn't see any other manufacturers making anything like Bryce's security fasteners. Key-Rex® and our newest security screw, T- REVX® outperforms anything else out there. Despite the strong showing of imported fasteners and bits, I think Bryce Fastener Inc. is still ahead of them in innovation and security.

After attending the show, my next goal is to figure out how to make our bits cheaper and faster. I want to thank Avenue 25, (who designed our good looking booth) Doug and Missy Brammer, Jesse and Josie Medrano and my wife Donna for making it a GOOD show.

REv X Drill point sample

Bryce and Doug at the tradeshop  Donna Campbell of Bryce Fasteners

Jesse Medrano  Doug Brammer

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