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Short And Fat Security Screws

Apr 08, 2015

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In our image conscious society, “short and fat” is not as acceptable as “long and skinny”. In the world of security screws, they are the same. A “short and fat” security screw is one with short threads and a huge (fat) head. From a manufacturing standpoint, it’s nearly impossible to do. This is because a fat headed security screw won’t stay put in the die tooling (the center rejection pin is the problem). They prematurely pull out and plug up the heading process. This results in two parts smashed together and broken tooling. We were apprehensive to take this order. One of our senior headerman said he could do it. He was right, and with no broken tooling. We like the term “short and fat” at Bryce Fastener Inc., offering a 8/32x1/4 Key-Rex® security screw only enhances our manufacturing capabilities.

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