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Loss Prevention Proving To Reduce Shrink

Nov 22, 2013

Shrink costs retailers about 112 billion dollars per year, but according to a recent study, those who’ve proactively invested in loss prevention methods are reducing their total shrink! Our Zero Theft Fasteners proudly serve as a loss prevention method in the electronic sector of retail. They secure high value electronics, satellite navigation/GPS and mobile device accessories, which are among the… Read more »

Loss Prevention Proving To Reduce Shrink
How To Stop Electronic Control Module (ECM) Theft?

Aug 27, 2013

Glad you asked. Police in Ripon, WI recently arrested two suspects accused of stealing $11K in truck parts including ECMs from a local Ripon truck & trailer dealer (see the news story). ECM thefts often take place on parked big rigs. The truck owner suffers the costly loss of the ECM, but also has no core to exchange. Additional repair costs associated with an ECM theft include multiple wiring harnesses,… Read more »

Copper Theft Shuts Down AZ MVD

Aug 13, 2013

Recently Arizona Motor Vehicle Division workers arrived at work to find they had no power to their computer systems and air conditioning. Seems earlier that morning, copper thieves had broken into outdoor power and control panels and cut electrical piping.The crooks removed thousands of dollars worth of copper wiring shutting down the MVD for the whole day. Bryce Fastener has the means to stop copper… Read more »

Zero Theft Fasteners Stop Solar Thieves

Jul 22, 2013

Bryce Fastener recently attended the Intersolar Expo in San Francisco, California. We spent 3 days demonstrating our "Zero Theft" security fasteners to a multitude of Solar companies. Solar panel theft is a very large problem in the United States and even overseas. Bryce Fastener stops thieves in their tracks. Why? Because we assign a unique custom key code to each individual customer. Start today… Read more »

Confronting Copper Theft

Jun 24, 2013

From issuing warning signs, painting utility wires, collaborating with salvage yards, to instigating legislative changes, companies are taking a multi-faceted approach in reducing copper and metal theft. Despite the increase in awareness, U.S. businesses lose an insurmountable one billion dollars per year. Our fasteners prevent copper theft. For the past six years, our customers reduced theft to ZERO… Read more »

How One Client Gained A Competitive Edge With Bryce Fasteners

May 02, 2013

Anyone in the manufacturing business knows it takes time to build product credibility in a competitive marketplace. Sometimes all a product needs is an extra feature to stay ahead of the competition. For many of our customers, our high-security fasteners are the key. One of our customers has done an excellent job of keeping themselves at the top by focusing on quality and customer satisfaction. This… Read more »

How One Client Gained A Competitive Edge With Bryce Fasteners
"The Green Can" Recycling Initiative Saved By Bryce Security Screws

Apr 16, 2013

The founder of “The Green Can” recycling program came to Bryce to put an end to the rampant theft of cans and plastic bottles placed in their oversized bins. The public bins were an easy target for thieves and the company was on the brink of losing valuable clients and significant profits. People were simply removing a few hex-bolts and stealing the contents. Businesses pay for advertising on… Read more »

Bryce Shuts Down Grocery Chain POS Scam

Mar 29, 2013

The best part of being on the Bryce Security Screw Fastener team is we are always being challenged to solve new problems. One of the latest creative theft operations took place in 4 locations of a major grocery store chain in about 2 minutes during normal business hours. The security footage showed two men casually walking into the store on a Sunday morning. They walked up to the deli counter where… Read more »

Bryce Shuts Down Grocery Chain POS Scam
More Power Companies Depend On Bryce Security Screws & Nuts

Mar 13, 2013

Recently Bryce Fastener was contacted by yet another southern power company who was experiencing copper thefts from their substation transformers. Thieves were cutting ground straps and removing the exposed copper wiring. Due to OSHA regulations, the transformers would need to be shut down prior to replacing the ground straps. The power company instead came up with a special grounding bracket, allowing… Read more »

More Power Companies Depend On Bryce Security Screws & Nuts
The Difference Between High Security Screws And Tamperproof Screws

Feb 26, 2013

I Knew Nothing About Security Screws Eight years ago I knew nothing about tamperproof security screws, nuts or bolts. Then I started work in the shipping and receiving department at Bryce Fastener. From time to time when we were really busy, I also had the opportunity to answer a few sales calls. This is where I learned the most about how truly tamperproof our security screws and fasteners are when… Read more »