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5 New Products In 2014

Jan 16, 2014

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We’re on the verge of releasing five new products and need more manufacturing space. Last week, we rented an extra bay, performed some tenant reconstruction, and added 150 feet of new shelving (I’m still spinning from that whirlwind).

Here’s a quick preview of our new products:

  1. Micro Security Screws- Made in diameters small enough for cell phones and glasses. 0-80, 00-90, M1.0, M1.5, M1.6, M2
  2. Security Concrete Screws- Good for sealing up foreclosed buildings and outdoor structures.
  3. Dip Spin Coating- It’s time we eliminate the outside suppliers who add extra time and problems.
  4. Security Tek Self Drilling Screw- Making these using our Zero Drive will deliver the best self tek drilling screw out there.
  5. Bits made of Shock Steel- They are better for those high breakage applications.

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