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Sun Light & Power Secures Solar Panels With Bryce Fastener

May 23, 2011

Sun Light & Power regularly includes Customized Bryce Security Hardware in our Project Proposals and RFP proposed project solutions. Installing a solar is meant to be a long term solution. Indeed, there are very few other products in this era of "planned obsolescence" that can genuinely be expected to perform and provide significant value for 20 to 30 years. It is imperative that our customers have… Read more »

Solar Panel Theft Is A Growing Problem!

Apr 18, 2011

Solar Panel Theft Is A Growing Problem! Solar panel theft is a growing problem. Bryce Fastener, Inc. of Gilbert, Arizona has developed a keyed locking fastener which replaces standard fasteners of any size. Bryce Key-Rex™ Fastener The Key-Rex™ fastener is keyed and licensed to each new customer insuring that only the licensed owner of the key code can gain access to the drivers. The Key-Rex™ fastener is made from 302 stainless and… Read more »

REC Solar Chooses Key- Rex Fastener for Theft Protection

Apr 06, 2011

REC Solar Chooses Key- Rex Fastener for Theft Protection (A KeyRex Bolt is seen on a SnapNrack module mid clamp at an REC Solar Ground Mount Installation. Photo Courtesy of REC Solar) The best security deterrent should work remotely, last 30 years, and stop the professional thief. Unfortunately, what most people choose does not meet these criteria. REC Solar wanted something better for their commercial ground mount solar installations. “When REC Solar… Read more »

Defending Against Technological Theft

Mar 23, 2011

Defending Against Technological Theft Theft of credit card terminals is a difficult challenge for retailers. Readers contain important customer information such as credit card and pin numbers that can easily be compromised by a would-be thief. Engineered Network Systems (ENS) and Bryce Fasteners, Inc. provide a locking solution to keep retailers' terminals safe. The quality products of ENS are specifically engineered and designed to adapt… Read more »

Copper Theft Solution

Mar 23, 2011

Copper Theft Solution Municipalities across the country are suffering huge losses to copper thieves. Copper prices are reaching all-time highs - and with the suffering economy, copper theft has steadily increased over the past year. The city of Mesa, Arizona, is no exception. In Mesa, pull boxes that store electrical utility lines were being broken into because of the valuable copper wire contained inside. Thieves were… Read more »

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