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The Red Gold Rush Continues

Oct 06, 2011

The Red Gold Rush Continues A disturbing article was published in the Arizona Republic last week about the alarming costs to taxpayers copper theft is causing. Bryce Fastener Inc has a part in providing the City of Mesa one piece of the large puzzle involved in solving this problem. At times we have beaten our heads against the wall when what we thought was a good solution became defeated. I don’t think anyone was prepared… Read more »

Bryce Fastener Inc. Is Still GROWING After 40 Years.

Sep 23, 2011

With one glance, Bryce Fastener screws are often dismissed as just another tamperproof fastener, but the evidence is clear that these High Security Fasteners perform as advertised. Bryce Fastener Inc. is about to embark in their 40th year in the fastener industry. Amidst a failing economy and a trade that's been long lost to foreign shores for decades, Bryce Campbell, founder and owner reported steady… Read more »

We Now Offer "Seal Screws" With Our Complete Line Of Fasteners!

Sep 22, 2011

We Now Offer "Making anti-theft fasteners requires special expertise, which can also be for seal screws. Our fast turnaround adds another perk for our customers." says Bryce Campbell, President. O-Rings are available for Key-Rex™ , Penta-Plus™, and our newest fastener Raptor™ in standard and metric sizes. Small or large quantities acceptable. Read more »

New Design In High Security Fasteners.

Jul 28, 2011

New Design In High Security Fasteners. Bryce Fastener Inc. is pleased to announce that a new fastener has clawed its way out onto the market of high security fasteners. Based on feedback from customers, Bryce Fastener Inc. created the new fastener in light of the epidemic problems with all common fasteners. "Questions come up all the time from customers, ...can it handle the torque without breaking bits, will the screw get loose under… Read more »

Copper Theft, It's Not Recycled

Jul 07, 2011

When I read the article below I automatically have to chuckle... these cities and utilities are spending a fortune on things like this. Think about it... the wire for the most part is not showing up in scrap yards. Dishonest electrical contractors are some of the problem... they simply reuse the wire on their next job and I would bet a million dollars that a good portion of the stolen copper is ending… Read more »

Solar Panel Rack Mounts

Jul 06, 2011

Solar Panel Rack Mounts New PV Mounting System To Prevent Solar Panel Theft Installing solar panels is like hoisting $50,000 on your roof and leaving it there for all the world to see. A new security brings peace of mind to those worried about theft and vandalism. Every time fuel prices start pushing $4 per gallon in the U.S., there are smattering of stories about people who wake up to find the contents of their gas tank… Read more »

Vancouver Copper Theft Solution

Jun 07, 2011

Vancouver Copper Theft Solution Over the past two years wire theft in the Metro Vancouver area has reached epidemic proportions. It is generally caused by drug addicts looking for scrap copper to sell to feed their addictions. It was costing my municipality 10′s of thousands of dollars per month to repair and replace the stolen wire. We put together a systematic theft deterrent plan and theft and tampering has been reduced to almost… Read more »

Copper Theft Solution For Pull Boxes And Hand Holes

Jun 06, 2011

Copper Theft Solution For Pull Boxes And Hand Holes Vandal Proof Replacement Covers Copper Theft Solution {very simple & inexpensive} Municipalities across the country and around the world are losing millions of dollars to copper thieves. With scrap copper prices reaching 4.00/lb and even higher — and with the suffering economy, copper theft has steadily increased over the past year. Cities and states are taking steps to combat this problem through… Read more »

Tamperproof Bolt For Side Door Hinges

May 23, 2011

I'm Ken from Krafftkare Autmotive Inc. in Bellwood, IL. I run a automotive and light truck repair shop. One of my fleet accounts has ford vans, and they wanted me to find a tamperproof bolt for the side door hinges. I searched and called all the local places in me area, but could not find a thing. Then the search on the internet. The problem was that I needed a metric bolt (8mm). I ran across you web… Read more »

Bryce Fastener Secures Removable Shutters

May 23, 2011

I purchased security nuts from you to secure my home while I am away. I live in a hurricane zone and have metal removable shutters which I install while away, however it is an easy job for a burglar to remove the wingnuts that are supplied, break into the home and steal items. So I found your security nuts and place one on each end of the panels. Now nobody can remove the panels and break in. Problem… Read more »

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