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Confronting Copper Theft

Jun 24, 2013

From issuing warning signs, painting utility wires, collaborating with salvage yards, to instigating legislative changes, companies are taking a multi-faceted approach in reducing copper and metal theft. Despite the increase in awareness, U.S. businesses lose an insurmountable one billion dollars per year. Our fasteners prevent copper theft. For the past six years, our customers reduced theft to ZERO once they’ve installed Bryce custom fasteners.

Our Most Recent Success Story

One of our customers owns a large cherry orchard and recently sent us a “thank you” note. Implemental pieces of his farm equipment: radiators, batteries, starters, control panels and parts of the stationary wind machines, were stolen multiple times. The replacement costs of these stolen parts totaled thousands of dollars. In the note he states,

“A few days after completing the repairs, the thieves struck again. This time, however, they were unable to get one part off! It was easy to see the numerous tools they had used to try to get your fasteners off. We could tell they used a hammer, crow bars, vice grip pliers, channel lock pliers, cold chisels and pipe wrenches. Nothing they tried worked to free or break your fasteners.”

Losing a billion dollars each year proves how burdensome combating theft is for companies. Incorporating strong prevention methods into a multi-faceted approach is key in curbing the problem. Bryce fasteners provide every customer with dual protection against theft. Only your custom one-of-a kind bit can access and remove your fastener. The custom head design stops all other tools from unwanted removal. They’re easy to retrofit, easy to install, and are proven to be 99.98% effective in stopping copper theft.

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