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Winter Wonderland Pictures...And A Rest Stop?

Dec 17, 2013

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Recently, I drove to Canda with my family for a ski trip. On the way there, I found our fasteners inside this inauspicious looking rest stop.

They serve as the protection for a product made by Toto Industries.

Toto is an Asian-Pacific company who manufactures overseas, but buys screws made here in the states (yea!). Toto had approached us five years ago before their product launched. The particular wrench they wanted was scarce and expensive. We knew it was going to cause them a headache in delivery delays. They took our advice and their product launch turned out to be a success.

2013 Canda Ski Trip & Toto Industries

By the way, certain applications do not need our Zero Theft Fasteners. For example, old style tamper resistant fasteners (torx pin) are good enough for public restrooms. Most vandals are interested in destroying property rather than stealing it. That’s why we always ask what your application is. Our intent is using honest expertise to direct you to the best fasteners. If the return on investment does not warrant Zero Theft Products, we’ll suggest something more appropriate.

Hope you have a restful holiday break and blessed new year!

Toto Industries Fasteners found on our Ski Trip

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