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How One Client Gained A Competitive Edge With Bryce Fasteners

May 02, 2013

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Anyone in the manufacturing business knows it takes time to build product credibility in a competitive marketplace. Sometimes all a product needs is an extra feature to stay ahead of the competition. For many of our customers, our high-security fasteners are the key.

One of our customers has done an excellent job of keeping themselves at the top by focusing on quality and customer satisfaction. This company, well known in their industry, makes digital air tire inflation and vacuum units for service stations, tire centers, car rental companies, etc., throughout the U.S. and abroad. When theft of these units began to increase three years ago, they were in danger of losing the image and credibility they had worked so hard to build.

These inflation units are not just a compressor in a metal box, but are leading, state of the art, digital, automatic, high-precision calibrators, where all the operator needs to do is set the target PSI. The access panel to the cash box and the unit itself was secured by other fasteners making them an easy target for theft (especially at the gas stations.) Simply by replacing the fasteners with our high security bolts, the company not only regained control of unit access, but they could easily retrofit units already in the field, and have added Bryce “anti-theft device” to its list of important features, thus adding extra value to their already high quality product. Zero theft has occurred since making the change and Bryce fasteners have yet again proved to be an easy solution and competitive advantage for its clients.

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