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How To Stop Electronic Control Module (ECM) Theft?

Aug 27, 2013

Glad you asked. Police in Ripon, WI recently arrested two suspects accused of stealing $11K in truck parts including ECMs from a local Ripon truck & trailer dealer (see the news story). ECM thefts often take place on parked big rigs. The truck owner suffers the costly loss of the ECM, but also has no core to exchange. Additional repair costs associated with an ECM theft include multiple wiring harnesses, fuel lines, maybe a cooling plate, the labor to repair the truck and probably towing. Plus there’s the cost of sending an additional truck and driver, the risk of losing a customer and the driver and rig are not being productive.

Fortunately, the Bryce Fastener zero theft solution stops thieves in their tracks. As of this post, no ECMs equipped with Bryce Fasteners have been stolen.

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