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The Difference Between High Security Screws And Tamperproof Screws

Feb 26, 2013

I Knew Nothing About Security Screws

Eight years ago I knew nothing about tamperproof security screws, nuts or bolts. Then I started work in the shipping and receiving department at Bryce Fastener. From time to time when we were really busy, I also had the opportunity to answer a few sales calls. This is where I learned the most about how truly tamperproof our security screws and fasteners are when compared to the rest of the world. I was talking directly to the end users; the engineers, owners, managers and loss prevention experts who knew how insecure all the other fasteners were. Sadly most had learned this from experience, but others were a step ahead of the game and knew they needed something extraordinarily secure.

I’m fortunate to have been around when Bryce Fastener, a 30 year old fastener distributor, became a manufacturer and bought their first Waterbury and National Cold Heading machines. We manufactured the only fully-functioning, truly tamperproof screws in existence. These were designed by Bryce Campbell himself.

Having been there to see Bryce Fastener develop to where it is today, I now confidently know a thing or two about tamperproof security screws, nuts, bolts and why they’re so important...

It’s Pretty Plain and Simple

You can walk into any local hardware store or go to and buy a complete set of mass-marketed, so-called “tamperproof” bit tip sets ranging from $4.95-$32.00. These bits fit all the other so-called “tamperproof” fasteners out there. But because of their accessibility and commonality of their bits, these fasteners are not tamperproof at all but should be considered “tamper resistant” at best. You can also call or go online and order both the bits, screws, bolts, or nuts from various screw companies such as Tamperproof Screw NY, McMaster Carr, Screw N Supply, Hudson Fasteners, Tanner Bolt & Nut, andTamper-Pruf Screws Inc. and pay around $15.00 per 100 fasteners. I hope you’re getting the point by now; all other so-called “tamperproof” screws are cheap, easy to buy, and are thus not tamperproof.

On a side note, we do support the companies listed above and if you don’t need a high-security fastener but are looking for a small quantity of Torx-pin, Hex-pin, One-Way, Trigroove Nuts, or Snake Eyes, the companies listed above are recommended by us. For larger quantities of these less secure fasteners (2,000 pieces or more) we are also happy to fill your orders and do offer non-standard sizes.

A Few Phone Calls

About 15 years ago Bryce began receiving phone calls asking for a fastener that would be really hard for the public to remove. That’s when Bryce Campbell he pulled out his drawing board and designed his own custom fasteners, bolt, and nuts. These are all in high demand and sold by Bryce under the names Penta-Plus™ and Penta-Nut™ with the highest security screw known as Keyed-Lok™ evolving into an even stronger version called Key-Rex™, which is now considered the most tamperproof security screw in the world. Of course always trying to outperform ourselves, we are currently developing a new custom fastener to add to the Bryce collection.

Despite the challenges of running odd head styles on standard cold heading machines, we choose to make custom fasteners, nuts, and bolts because there’s a need for loss prevention, asset protection and product liability protection that standard tamperproof fasteners and nuts no longer solve. Our goals at Bryce Fastener Inc. are to produce the most secure fasteners with the strongest torque made in the best quality on the planet.

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