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"The Green Can" Recycling Initiative Saved By Bryce Security Screws

Apr 16, 2013

The founder of “The Green Can” recycling program came to Bryce to put an end to the rampant theft of cans and plastic bottles placed in their oversized bins. The public bins were an easy target for thieves and the company was on the brink of losing valuable clients and significant profits. People were simply removing a few hex-bolts and stealing the contents.

Businesses pay for advertising on The Green Can recycling bins which are placed in various public areas and proceeds from cans and bottles go to local charities.

Choosing the Best Asset Protection Was a Must

The Green Can hires “Waste Management” to remove and transport the content of the containers. TGC decided padlocks were not an option because of easily lost and reproduced keys. Instead, they opted to use Bryce Fastener’s line of security screws. Bryce screws require no maintenance and eliminate the need for Waste Management to carry keys. With proper installation and tight control of the Bryce bits, TCG has had zero breaches to date.

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