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Smoking Hot

Apr 17, 2014

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(I know you're thinking the guy, but it's the fastener)

Few know what cold heading is. It begins with cold wire. This is headed (head put on), and then threaded (called roll threading). Going into the machines it may be cold, but coming out it is smoking hot. At 500 degrees, it can fill the shop with smoke. Headerman know where to hold, and have built up a tolerance for the heat. They always think it's funny when I (Bryce) incorrectly hold hot bolts and get burned. I have learned to use a rag.

Here, Joe has built a 5/16-18 x 2 ½” long Key-Rex™ for a solar panel company. Solar panels are expensive and easy to steal. This is the best way to protect them, especially those installed near the ground (ground mounts). Keyed-lok® screws make theft of solar panels a difficult proposition, as each keyed lock is harder to break than a padlock.

cold headings

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