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Big John Working On A Small Keyed-Lok

May 01, 2014

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“Big John” (maybe you can figure how he got that name) is working on a small size screw with a big Keyed-lok® drive. We have some customers who need one keyway to fit a wide diameter range of fasteners. In this case, John fit a #12 drive onto an M3 (small diameter) screw.

Notice the big keyway fashioned out of solid stainless steel; and without cracks. This is a serious accomplishment as stainless steel doesn’t cold form easily. It requires the perfect setup and often we must employ special machines to heat the wire (creating the smoke).

Making one keyway fit a wide range of diameters is not common in cold heading. We do it, but only because we have specialized experts, machines, and tooling. These qualifications make us the right place to choose for keyed lock security screws.

A small size screw with a big Keyed-lok® drive

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