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Oversized Heads And Unique Lengths

Apr 03, 2014

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It's good to have someone on your staff with experience (proved by his gray hair). Our machinist, Pete, makes difficult parts perfectly to the customer’s unique specifications.

He attached our oversized Raptor™ head to a short body, making it an M6x4mm oversized button head machine screw.

Why would a customer want this? It’s for securing thin TV’s in a Hotel chain and there was no depth to the hole.

Pete also coaxed a 3 inch part out of a Cold Header that only makes them 2 ½ inches long. To add to the challenge, the part has an oversized head with a Key-Rex™ punch. The part will become a 1/4x3 inch oversized button head sheet metal screw once it’s threaded.

We try to make what our customer wants, even if it means figuring out new solutions when the requests are unique.

It’s not easy making fasteners with oversized heads on short lengths, nor is it easy getting a machine to make a longer than normal part. This isn’t something you often see in fastener manufacturing as it takes talent and gray hair.

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