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Are We Doing A Good Job?

Mar 17, 2015

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We recently shipped a large repeat order for Penta-Nuts® to be placed on rural postal mailboxes as a security measure. Penta- Nuts® work well in this type of application. They will provide a reliable security barrier against tampering, plus they can withstand the extreme heat and cold temperatures where they’re being installed. 316 stainless steel material will not corrode when the streets are salted during winter. The Penta-Nut® is intuitively designed with a recessed ring on the bottom to expand/contract in heat and cold. Overtime, the nut will not loosen like a standard nut; therefore eliminating maintenance and replacement costs.

How Do We Know Our Products Work?

We’ve been selling Penta-Nuts® for 10 years and they remain one of our top selling products. We have hundreds of repeat customers who buy Penta-Nuts® and Key-Rex Nuts® (Key-Rex Nuts® provide higher security) often. The stability, durability, and security Penta-Nuts® and Key-Rex Nuts® provide, leave little room for complaints. In good faith, our goal is to provide our customers the world's most secure fasteners and nuts. The high amount of repeat customers we have, tell us we must be doing a good job.

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