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Security Screws Not Lagging Behind

Apr 15, 2015

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Custom Security Lag Bolts are Now Available by Bryce Fastener Inc.

Currently, custom security lag bolts do not exist in the security screw business. They are hard to make and most won't put forth the investment. A customer requested we make him a lag bolt with an internal drive to protect pull box lids from copper wire theft.

We designed a spec from scratch and figured out how to manufacture stainless steel security lag bolts.

Our first batch of 3/8x3 Key-Rex® lag bolts are finished.

The picture of the lag bolt on the left is our first prototype, but it did not provide the right amount of torque. The larger head and deeper drive of the bolt on the right, handled twice the amount of torque. Enough to twist off the head of the bolt.

Manufacturing lag bolts out of stainless steel puts a lot of stress on machinery and tooling. Expensive thread roll dies, heavy duty machinery, and a few of our secrets helped in the success of the final product.

Special dies and a big machine roll the blank with extreme pressure, squeezing onto it threads and a point.

Jimmy, one of our headerman mastered some unknowns and came up with the finished part.

The trial and error of creating the world's best security fasteners is the back bone to our success. It takes talent, persistence, patience, and commitment to not lag behind.

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