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Ground Mount Solar Theft

Mar 19, 2015

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The below article was posted in a local news journal regarding solar panel theft occuring on rural farms in England. Our M8 or 3/8-16 Raptor™ Key-Rex® security screws are perfect for ground mounted solar panels. In fact, the Raptor™ feature was specifically designed for one of our solar customers. Bryce Fastener has served the solar industry since 2009 and holds a perfect track record at preventing theft.

"Police are warning farmers and businesses with ground based solar panel arrays to be vigilant following two reports of thefts in the county.

A total of 58 panels were stolen from a farm at Brant Broughton overnight between Monday and Tuesday (incident 216 of March 17).

This followed the theft of 66 panels, plus all the associated converters and electrics, from a field near White Cross, in Sutton St James, between 5pm on Saturday and 7:30am on Monday morning.

The thieves appear to be targeting isolated locations, and owners of such PV arrays are advised to take all possible precautions..."

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