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Bryce Fastener Buys A New Warehouse

Apr 30, 2015

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Along with the oils that stain our cold heading machines, lies a trail of sweat from our manufacturing director and machinists who’ve earned their right as trailblazers of the world’s most secure fasteners. It’s with sentiment I (Bryce) welcome a new warehouse and a new chapter into Bryce Fastener Inc.

We are expanding because we need more room. Ten years ago I took a risk in trying to manufacture our own ever changing key-way into the head of a fastener. I started out with three cold heading machines. They brought more challenges and frustrations than we could’ve imagined. Eventually, those challenges became the catalyst to our patents on Key-Rex® and Penta-Nuts®. We also developed Raptor™, security set-screws, O-Ring abilities, Zero-Drive®, security TEK screws, security Lag-Bolts, micro-mini security screws, new heat treating methods, and a unique black coating process as a result.

We are ready to take on new challenges where I hope to do more than just make custom security screws. I hope to make a way fastener manufacturing can thrive in America. As we remodel and prepare our new warehouse to be covered in oil stains and sweat, I know we are leaving our mark on the fastener industry.

The Bryce Fastener Warehouse.A New Bryce Fastener Warehouse.The Bryce Warehouse.Bryce Fastener Buys A New Warehouse.

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