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You Can't Do That On That Machine!

Feb 03, 2015

You Can't Do That On That Machine! A man we’d previously purchased a cold heading machine from in the past came by our booth during our last trade show. He inspected one of our keyed security screws and said, “You can’t do that on that machine!” It was his machine he was talking about, one he’d used for many years making wheel bolts for Peterbilt Trucks. We bought it from him a few years back. Unique Security Screws He was… Read more »

Anatomy Of A BIG Copper Theft Bolt

Jan 22, 2015

Anatomy Of A BIG Copper Theft Bolt Jimmy is one of our expert headerman. He is tasked with making our large diameter bolts. Here's a picture of him inspecting ½-13x2 Raptor™ head, Key-Rex® security bolts. They are heading to California to control copper theft. This is a repeat order from the customer, with some added features. We added the customer's name on the bolt, gave them a larger Raptor™ head, and changed their key code. Heading… Read more »

Kart Racing Christmas Party

Dec 22, 2014

Kart Racing Christmas Party In honor of our new REVX™ driving screw, I (Bryce) thought it would be appropriate to take the Bryce Fastener crew Kart Racing for our annual Christmas party. I told everyone, "whoever beats me gets prize money." Two of our young guy's, Roger and Mark took first and second. I guess 3rd place isn't too bad for an old guy. The party was a fun end to 2014, we're enthused about incorporating better speed,… Read more »

Patent Protection?

Dec 15, 2014

Patent Protection? One wonders if a patent is worth the paper it’s printed on? We feel so strongly about the new REVX™ technology we’ve developed, we’re extending our protection in the global market share. Today we received a Design Patent from the People’s Republic of China. The embossment on the paper is done in red and silver, it's the most attractively packaged patent we’ve received. Hopefully they will… Read more »

Bit Break-Through?

Nov 21, 2014

Bit Break-Through? We need our bits to be tougher. They have a tendency to break easier than regular tamperproof bits. Our big center pins (required to repel all tools and hammers) and tight tolerances (needed to make each keyway different) are the culprit. We're pursuing toughness and hardness. This is an age old balance, even Mr. Phillips of Phillips® screw had to solve. His solution was using shock steel with special… Read more »

Back To The Drawing Board

Nov 14, 2014

Back To The Drawing Board Brian and Rodger sped into SEMA 2014 eager to receive feedback on our new Bryce Fastener wheel lock protection products. The show brought a steady flow of engineers and buyers interested with some good ideas. We took their feedback and headed back to the drawing board this past week. We're adding a 60 degree centering cone to the bottom of the nut, and making it available in alloy as well as stainless.… Read more »

SEMA Show 2014

Nov 01, 2014

SEMA Show 2014 SEMA Show is happening this week (November 4-7th), where we’re showcasing Bryce Wheel Locks. After many inquiries about a wheel lock fastener during last year's 2013 SEMA Show, we hit the drawing board upon returning. It's been a year of trial and error, hoping our final product is well received this week. If you're going, be sure to stop at our booth, #10670. We’ll be introducing a cap protector… Read more »

Heat Treat Fun

Oct 09, 2014

We perform all of our own heat treating at Bryce Fastener Inc. New furnaces arrived and are currently being installed. Heat treating at upwards of 2,000 degrees puts our operator at risk of getting burned. He couldn't resist some fun in his new foundry suit. Looks like a great Halloween costume if you ask me (Bryce). Read more »

Recent Donation

Oct 06, 2014

Recent Donation Bryce Fastener likes to support worthy causes, here's a couple pictures of where we recently donated our security screws. They're securing the USS Laffey memorial plaque hung in memory of the sailors who died in the 1945 kamikaze attack of Okinawa. Read more »

Bryce Fasteners New Dip Spin Technique called BRYKOTE™

Sep 19, 2014

Bryce Fasteners New Dip Spin Technique called BRYKOTE™ We made the plunge into dip spin coating our fasteners. We think it will be better for our customers. After a fastener failure that should've never happened and significant experimentation with coatings and processes, BryKote™ is a technique we now use similar to Dip Spin. Brian Hill, our Director of Marketing and Sales took on the project until he was satisfied our customers will like it. What… Read more »

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