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How a Bolt Beats a Lock for Security

Jun 05, 2017

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KeyRex-2-billions-of-KeywaysYou might not think of a bolt as a security device. Not only can they be more secure than other fasteners, we're certain our security fasteners can offer you better security than many locks.

Your Own Unique Keyway

There are a lot of ways to secure items you don't want stolen or tampered with. What you might not realize is how effective a screw or bolt might be. Not just any screw or bolt mind you – but the latest product from Bryce Fastener. It's a patented security screw with a 2 billion different keyway design combinations. And the driver bit is created to match the keyway perfectly. This allows for a customer to get their very own unique and inexpensive keyed security fastener that can only be turned by their private key (driver bit). This forged key can exert maximum torque. Once tightened down, it presents anti-theft resistance that exceeds most locks.

Key-RexBlogImagesLocks are Inherently Weak

Consider the weaknesses of a padlock. The hardened ring can be cut with bolt cutters and grinders. The combination must be remembered. How many of us have faced the dilemma of negotiating a lock with a forgotten combination? In this case, the fastener key remembers its combination, and contains more combinations than any house key could ever have.

Bolts Act Like Camouflage

It just looks better. A bolt fastener is not an eyesore like so many anti-theft devices. You've seen unattractive cable locks on elegantly designed cameras and other items in retail stores. It does more than keep the honest person honest. Properly secured with fasteners, an item blends into its environment. A lock is a tempting signal that something valuable is there.

Tested. Proven. Unbeatable.

The Key-Rex® security fastener has been heavily tested over the the past 10 years, with millions of installations. Based on customer feedback, its track record is 99.99998% secure. None of the above security devices could claim such security proficiency.

Key-Rex® combinations are cold forged into the head of a screw, creating the toughest keyway possible. The key is made the same way, allowing it to turn the fastener for maximum torque.

Unique to You

The new Bryce patent multiplies the number of keycodes found in the Bryce Key-Rex® security screw line. It allows Bryce to license a customer with an exclusive patent protected keyway. It avoids the typical 3-year patent process and saves thousands of dollars. The charge is $500.00 including tooling with delivery usually under 4 weeks.

eyRex-2-billion-patentWith the Patent, the Bryce fastener Key-Rex® security screw becomes the most protected, exclusive, and secure, security screw you can buy. It may be the best inexpensive anti-theft device available.

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