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Life Turned Upside Down

Oct 13, 2017

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Life recently turned upside down for me (Bryce) in a moment. My wife and I went on a vacation that wasn't. Rather than relaxing on the beach at Seaside, Oregon with our kids and grandkids, it was a life and death struggle at the hospital for my wife. Multiple Myeloma was the diagnosis, not a flair up of Sciatica as we expected. I can still picture the look on the doctor's face as she delivered the news to my wife and the impact it had on both of us. The first two weeks were touch and go at the hospital. Once she became stable, chemotherapy began and we returned home to Arizona where she will undergo a Stem Cell Transplant soon. The good news is the chemo is working. My wife doesn't need her wheelchair, she can walk again. She is even back to work here in our Accounting Dept. We are lucky to have good cancer care thanks to Medicare.

I had time to rethink our purpose here at Bryce Fastener while sitting somberly at her bedside for hours. I have always seen our company as a help to our customers. Security is big problem today. We have developed a security screw so good, it stops theft in its tracks. I concluded we must continue making exclusive security screws with our new stick-fit drive system. Get her better. Find a way to, "keep on keepin' on." No one likes it when life is turned upside down. The only thing we can do is pray and trust. 

picture of Donna with family at hospital

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