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She Has Arrived... Her Name Is TEK

May 14, 2015

She Has Arrived... Her Name Is TEK We’ve been trying to give birth to a new self drilling security screw for the past year and she’s finally here! She looks prettier than any other I (Bryce) have seen. Her tip is straight, her threads are sharp, and her head is put on square. When I first began in the fastener industry, self drillers were just emerging. They wobbled back then. If they’re not made with a dead straight drilling… Read more »

Bryce Fastener Buys A New Warehouse

Apr 30, 2015

Bryce Fastener Buys A New Warehouse Along with the oils that stain our cold heading machines, lies a trail of sweat from our manufacturing director and machinists who’ve earned their right as trailblazers of the world’s most secure fasteners. It’s with sentiment I (Bryce) welcome a new warehouse and a new chapter into Bryce Fastener Inc. We are expanding because we need more room. Ten years ago I took a risk in trying to manufacture… Read more »

Security Screws Not Lagging Behind

Apr 15, 2015

Security Screws Not Lagging Behind Custom Security Lag Bolts are Now Available by Bryce Fastener Inc. Currently, custom security lag bolts do not exist in the security screw business. They are hard to make and most won't put forth the investment. A customer requested we make him a lag bolt with an internal drive to protect pull box lids from copper wire theft. We designed a spec from scratch and figured out how to manufacture stainless… Read more »

Short And Fat Security Screws

Apr 08, 2015

Short And Fat Security Screws In our image conscious society, “short and fat” is not as acceptable as “long and skinny”. In the world of security screws, they are the same. A “short and fat” security screw is one with short threads and a huge (fat) head. From a manufacturing standpoint, it’s nearly impossible to do. This is because a fat headed security screw won’t stay put in the die tooling (the center rejection… Read more »

Tap Dancing In The Round

Apr 02, 2015

Tap Dancing In The Round We tap our Key-Rex® and Penta® nuts in a separate operation. Standard hex nuts have specially made machines that grip the hex and tap at 700 per minute. Our security nuts are designed not be gripped because of their taper at the bottom. This presents problems. It requires a balancing act between special high pressure clamps and oil. Both are required, yet the oil makes clamping even harder. The only… Read more »

How small can a security screw go?

Mar 26, 2015

How small can a security screw go? Our micro-screw Headerman, Paul is making a 0-48 flat head thread forming screw. It’s made to tap into high density plastic for miniature Police cameras. It’s extremely small and very secure. The Penta drive and the matching bit in this size are only available by Bryce Fastener Inc. The Penta shape is more efficient than a comparable Hex. The sharper angles help drive the screw with little chance… Read more »

Ground Mount Solar Theft

Mar 19, 2015

Ground Mount Solar Theft The below article was posted in a local news journal regarding solar panel theft occuring on rural farms in England. Our M8 or 3/8-16 Raptor™ Key-Rex® security screws are perfect for ground mounted solar panels. In fact, the Raptor™ feature was specifically designed for one of our solar customers. Bryce Fastener has served the solar industry since 2009 and holds a perfect track record at preventing… Read more »

Are We Doing A Good Job?

Mar 17, 2015

Are We Doing A Good Job? We recently shipped a large repeat order for Penta-Nuts® to be placed on rural postal mailboxes as a security measure. Penta- Nuts® work well in this type of application. They will provide a reliable security barrier against tampering, plus they can withstand the extreme heat and cold temperatures where they’re being installed. 316 stainless steel material will not corrode when the streets are… Read more »

Spring Training Fun

Mar 11, 2015

Spring Training Fun Bryce Fastener took time out to enjoy a spring training baseball game. It was during a Phoenix cold spell (82?). The Chicago Cubs (we have a few employees from Illinois) were the featured team. We also celebrated two birthday parties; our Shipping/Receiving manager, Dean and our lovely bookkeeper, Donna (my wife). You can see their faces while we were asking for speeches. Read more »

The World's Best Security Screw

Feb 19, 2015

One-Way slotted and drilled spanner security screws were the world’s best for many years. Then regular screw drives like Allen, Torx®, and Phillips added a center rejection pin. Their security screw bits were only sold by American manufacturers and for many years they were the best security screws available. Once American manufacturing went to our foreign shores, those offshore security bits became… Read more »

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