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Need a few tips to help you choose between Penta-Plus® and Key-Rex® Security Screws?

Dec 12, 2017

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We received an email yesterday from a property manager needing 6/32x1/2 FH security screws to secure wires inside junction boxes throughout his properties. He only needed 200 screws and 2 bits, but needed them asap. We sold him Penta-Plus® screws because they can ship in 1-2 days. We stock Penta-Plus®, allowing for small quantity orders as long as you meet our $100.00 minimum purchase. The security of Penta-Plus® has never been breached in the 20 years it's been on the market. The bits and screws are not available to the public but are controlled through our customer database. We do not sell the bits to anyone unless they're already an established customer. 

How is Key-Rex® Different from Penta-Plus®?

Once you purchase a 2,500-piece minimum and pay a $500 licensing fee, you’re the sole owner of your Key-Rex® screw and bits. No one else will have the same fastener as you and you control who has access to the bits. We will never duplicate or resale your Key-Rex® screw. Since lead times are 2-4 weeks, we recommend this security screw for larger applications requiring top-of-the-line security.

On a side note, we do have generic Key-Rex® codes available upon request for certain applications. No two customers are alike, and we’ll strive to get you the best fastener for your application.

If you or your customer has a unique fastener need, don't be afraid to call or email us a request. Our in-house manufacturing capabilities can meet almost all security screw demands.  

Hope this helps a little in your decision-making process.

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